Gorillaz News: Sunday, March 15, 2020

Lillaz here, practicing some social distancing.

New this week:


Russ surprised us on March 11 with a new 10trax playlist, a little “something something” to keep fans occupied before the next Song Machine episode.

You can listen to the eclectic playlist here! We also got a brand new piece of art to go along with it:


Also on March 11, Jamie posted this new noodle teaser:

Fans, noticing the scratch on her nose, wonder if this image has anything to do with the one of 2D looking rather beat up as well…

RSD Postponed

G-Sides and D-Sides were slated to come out on Record Store Day this year. However, it looks like it’s been postponed to June 20th, due to the coronavirus concern that’s taken hold of Europe and the US right now.

Before the postponement message, it did seem possible to evade the whole Record Store Day crowd: Target had both albums up on their website for pre-order, but it looks like they’ve since been taken down. I wonder what will happen for the people who already made pre-orders. It’s likely that they won’t be able to roll them out until June 20th.

New EP Covers

The press art that came with the releases of Momentary Bliss and Desole are now officially regarded as EP/Single Art on iTunes and Spotify:

Désolé Karaoke

The official instrumental of Désolé is now available on SongJam’s Youtube channel! Sing your heart out:

Q Delay

Gail (The Gorillaz Press) reports that the Gorillaz 20th Birthday Special of Q Magazine has ALSO been postponed. Q took the opportunity to memorialize the death of Andrew Weatherall in the latest issue. Nobody is sure whether Gorillaz will absolutely be in the next issue, but it’ll be out on April 7th. Fingers crossed!

Désolé Keyframes

Lovely lovely keyframes from the Désolé video are up on Gorillaz’ instagram:

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Going somewhere 2D 🤔

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I'm trying to hold on to you… 🚤💨💨

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Looking for someone, Murdoc? 👀

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The sound of a very, very small 🎻

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@watashiwanoodle is ready for action 💪

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Magic for May

Jacob Polar and crew have released a BIG teaser for their upcoming 5/4 fan video! I can’t get over how great this looks; loving the intro/usage of audio from a very old 2001 radio appearance. Watch below:

Gorillaz 2?!

This came as a surprise Friday evening; Rocky Hewlett (and potentially Missy Albarn, pending verification) are in a band called Serpiko! Stream their debut release here:

Winnebago Whereabouts

Gorillaz Raritiez, the team responsible for reviving Kong Studios as we once knew it, have compiled all of the entries for the lost winnebago competition into a charming “neocities” website: https://drwurzel.neocities.org/

If I remember correctly, this looks VERY similar to how it did in 2001 or 2002. Great job, raritiez!

See all of the submissions here.

Austin Trench At It Again!

Austin Trench – incredible v/o artist – is at it again with some more Gorillaz fan dubs. Check out a couple of the latest here:

Plenty more where that came from, too! See Austin’s portfolio here.

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