Gorillaz News: Sunday, March 8, 2020

This roundup has been written entirely by Gorillaz For Beginners! 🙏

New this week:

Debunked Episode 2

Murdoc made a triumphant return to Twitter this week, cementing his Debunked thread sessions as a series. The second installment saw him delve into the Désolé video, this time directly answering questions sent by fans.

Based on the releases of both threads relative to Song Machine’s episodes, it’s very likely episode 3 of this companion series will drop a week after the next Song Machine video.

Gorillaz in DIY Mag + Damon’s been a Naughty Boy

The band took some time this week to provide DIY with an interview for their latest issue, which you can read here.

Damon also did an interview with France Inter, where he discussed the idea of Song Machine and the making of Désolé.

Plastic Beach is 10!

On March 3rd, Gorillaz’ third studio album turned 10 years old. This anniversary was met with a lot of hype amongst the fans, and Gorillaz themselves acknowledged the celebrations with a new line of merchandise on their store, including art cards based on the album’s vinyl sleeves, a Sub Division patch, T-shirts & the album itself on picture disc (from last year) all made available for the occasion.

Plastic Beach merch

I also loved to see the anniversary fan art! ❤

Record Store Day 2020

The listings are out and the rumours have been confirmed, G Sides & D-Sides will BOTH be available on vinyl for the first time ever as part of this year’s RSD event next month. Both albums will initially be limited to 15,000 copies each; but they’re both listed as “RSD First” records, meaning that both LP’s will be reissued afterwards for casual buyers.

G Sides listing

Based on this listing from bullmoose.com, G Sides’ tracklist will be Japanese/UK edition of the album on 1 record, while D-Sides will be the standard 22 tracks across 3 records.

Instagram Faces

From Snapchat to Instagram, Gorillaz continue to give fans more filters to spice up their social media posts. This time, you can have any of the band member’s heads placed over yours; with added blinking effects (giving us new edits to familiar art).

Instagram Filter

G-Mix 11.1

Gorillaz went back to their last G-Mix and added Désolé to all 4 playlists. This was an unexpected move as the G-Mix series tends to update regularly, making this the only time a set of playlists has been given a minor patch.

Reject Physical Icons

Gorillaz Raritiez have made a huge announcement, reviving the classic Murdoc’s Winnebago competition from phase 1; but with a contemporary prize…

The grand prize for this contest is a DVD copy of the movie, Reject False Icons; authorised by the film’s director, Denholm Hewlett!!! Competition details can be found in the IG post above.

A Solar Collaboration’s Back

…literally, this section’s just about the back.

Solar back

Gorillaz’ obscure EP, A Solar Collaboration was given out to a handful of lucky people on 12″ vinyl 2 years ago; but just the other week, Discogs user Souk_Eye bought a copy and took some photos for the record’s page. This new set of photos resulted in the first ever pictures of the sleeve’s back, giving us a cool description of what the EP was made for, the official liner notes for each track and some additional copyright info.

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