Raritiez Week two of Kong update is right around the corner, but what should users expect?

The Gorillaz Raritiez team – just two weeks into their resurgence – have another update planned for their fan favorite site. This week’s update, however, will be more focused on improving user experience through the likes of bug fixes.

As for new content, this week will include the return of the infamous Gorillaz Forums, which can be accessed through the chalkboard in the Cafe. The team have also confirmed that they’ve fixed the coding for the backend, meaning it will be reopened for players to visit. As for minor changes, the team has gone out of their way to include what Murdoc stated on his blog, with him now sharing a room with 2D in this next update, this however will not change any gameplay elements, only aesthetic. All buddha/Tibet memorabilia has been removed and the bedsheets will be satanic!

As always, you can access Kong Studios at http://phase1.zombiehiphop.heliohost.org/.

This post has been brought to you by Beck, of the Gorillaz Raritez team!

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