Gorillaz Raritez Winnebago Update

Beck from Gorillaz Raritez here with another update on the Kong Studios revival website. The long anticipated Winnebago update will arrive at midnight GMT!

In this update, users should expect:

The return of Murdocs winnebago! The winnebago was found by instagram comic artist @thepunleader (winner of the #wheresmywinnebago contest), closely followed by @jacobpolarbearboy & @pbsides.

@thepunleader and Murdoc hangin’

The team have also included the classic Geep sim in their update, where users get to drive around in the vehicle used during the 19/2000 video. This seemed like an appropriate time to add this, as 19/2000 was filmed around the same time Murdoc’s winnebago was stolen.

The website also has a new intro for when you log on, dubbed “the winnebago intro.” As always, head over to Zombiehiphop.heliohost.org to check it out for yourself!

Special thanks to Instagram users @iamdextrous for donating to the Raritiez team for Website server upgrades, and to @gisanh.gisanh for providing prizes.

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