Gorillaz News: Sunday, February 14, 2021

It’s Gail, writing from my cozy room with my boyfriend, on this wonderful VDay! Check out the news from the past two weeks:

UnHappy Valentine’s Day

Murdoc wished his fans a Happy Valentine’s Day with a new anti-love playlist on Spotify. If you think love stinks as much as Murdoc, then this playlist is for you!

Noodle and Murdoc’s Best Season 1 Moments…

Gorillaz began posting a series on the ‘best’ keyframe art for each character during Song Machine Season 1! Check out the Murdoc and Noodle ones here:

DoYaThing.. On Spotify NOW!

Oddly, out of nowhere, user ‘Gorillaz Extra’ has uploaded all 13 minutes of DoYaThing onto Spotify! Even weirder… it hasn’t been taken down! Enjoy the amazing masterpiece HERE:

Russ’ Recipe

Russel has posted one of his chili recipes on Instagram. You can check it out here:

Behind the Scenes… of Song Machine Live!

We now finally have available a promotional tour documentary of Song Machine Live! Highlights are the inclusion of El Manana originally being rehearsed for the shows, and a Damon rendition of Elton’s Pink Phantom vocals! Check it out: https://streamable.com/x3gsog

Jamie’s Beautiful Instagram Art Series!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate a non-Gorillaz series of Jamie Hewlett artworks… Starting a few weeks ago, Jamie has been posting elegant digital paintings daily, counting down the days of the weeks in the comments! See below.

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