Gorillaz News: Monday, February 1, 2021

Lillaz here, writing from a very snowy region of the USA. I’ve got some news to share!

This week:

20th Anniversary Gorillaz Zine Apps now OPEN!

I’ve posted about this a few times on my instagram account, but I wanted to also notify followers here that applications for a big 20th Anniversary Gorillaz Zine are open! This will be a charity non-profit fanzine celebrating the 20th anniversary of Gorillaz.

Created by @treejoakley and @oshvns with @gorillazunofficial_gu, the zine is looking for artists and writers, with a particular emphasis on people wanting to write interesting articles, spanning the history of Gorillaz phases 1-5. The zine is also in need to people who may specialize in merch design.

You can sign up to work on the zine at this link. Applications will be open until February 20th! Follow on Instagram and Twitter too:

Murdoc is Back… On Twitter

Murdoc has tweeted for the first time in the new year, advertising his new G-Mix.


While him tweeting isn’t anything new, he does have a new profile picture, based on an old one we saw a while back. Perhaps a teaser of Season 2 art?

Brand New G-Mixes

As mentioned above, the entire band has new G-Mixes out – the 15th ones to be exact! The new art for them is very cool:

You can listen to each playlist below!

Recently Rediscovered Murdoc Art

Instagram account ‘Gorillazdetails’ recently posted about a rare and lost image of Murdoc from an old Japanese magazine:

Murdoc sketch from Ryoko Tsushin magazine’s December 2005 issue. This was shared by Tumblr user sleepystinkfish in 2010 and left unnoticed for about 11 years until @bionic_puma brought it to light again. Thank you both!


Check out this weird drawing below:

New G-Foot Merch… and More to Come!

G-foot introduced four new t-shirts this week on promotion. Although some are sold out now, it seems to be introducing the next wave of merch for Season 2.

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