Gorillaz News: Monday, January 25, 2021

Heyo! It’s your resident Gail, here with Lillaz, sharing the news yet again! A lot to cover today…

Damon and Remi Star in Amazon’s “Now You Know”

Check out Damon and Remi, as they sit down with Amazon to talk about the creation of Song Machine Season One, Strange Timez!

Gorillaz in Triple J’s Hottest 100!

Momentary Bliss, Pac-Man, and Friday 13th are all in Australia’s Triple J Hot 100, voted by YOU! Check it out!

The Lost Chord Keyframes Rollout

Gorillaz began posting Jamie-drawn keyframes of the band last week — one of 2D singing, one of Russel and 2D, and one of Murdoc and Noodle! Check them out below!

Noodle and St. Vincent star in Guitar World Magazine! 

St. Vincent and Noodle talk about Chalk Tablet Towers in the “Prime Primates” article of Guitar World Magazine! Check it out on Noodle’s instagram below!

Super Deluxe Almanacs are ON THE WAY!

As of January 15, Z2 began to send out emails bearing good news – your Super Deluxe Almanacs are ON THE WAY! Expect more on this soon…

Remi’s Back to Work!

Yesterday, Remi took a few images of his studio, With Logic pro set on his laptop. It seems the band is BACK TO WORK, with Season Two on the way… Check it out!

Wobble Street

One of my favorite parts of writing this blog is covering fan-made projects. Announcing Wobble Street!

Wobble Street is an 8 episode miniseries following Gorillaz, set in the universe of Doyathing. It’s drawn by Gail and animated by WTO! Check out episode 1 NOW, and stay tuned for …more.

The Big 20th Anniversary Zine!

Saving some of the most exciting news for last.

We are looking for talented and passionate fans, willing to contribute their love of Gorillaz for a charity non-profit fanzine celebrating the 20th anniversary of Gorillaz. The zine will be created by @treejoakley and @oshvns in conjunction with @Gorillaz_GU!

Applications to be a part of this zine open on January 28th. Until then, follow the 20th Anniversary Zine at the following links:

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