Gorillaz News: Sunday, January 10, 2021

It’s a nice, cold January evening, and I don’t feel any change at all! Lil’ ol Gail gotta do a roundup huh? 1st one of the year… the pleasure’s all mine! Meeeeeow. Let’s get to work.

This week:

RIP to the Illest Villain

On New Years eve night, Daniel Dumile, or MF DOOM, was confirmed dead by his wife. This was a devastating announcement that shook the hearts of his friends, family, and fans.

MF DOOM is one of the most legendary hip hop artists out there, working with our very own Gorillaz, as well as several other artists, building a reputation as one of the most mysterious and cool rappers in the scene. Each album created an expanded universe of villains, based off of several pop culture evils. 

There will truly never be another man like DOOM. Rest in peace, man.

Getty Images/The Ringer illustration

Gorillaz Share Their New Years’ Resolutions

A few days ago, Gorillaz decided to kick off the year by posting their New Years’ Resolutions on instagram! Check them out below:

Gorillaz in Rockin’On!!

Rockin’On recently posted their lineup for their next issue of their Magazine, including Gorillaz! See the Twitter post below:

Get your 2021 Calendars, Quick…

Gorillaz just restocked their 2021 calendars!! Get ‘em here!

Superplastic: Behind the Scenes

Rob Keiser on ArtStation uploaded some behind the scenes goodies on the creation of the Superplastic figures. Some good fans with a keen eye have noticed that the 2D figure was originally based on the 2019 2D Superplastic figure…

Check these out here!


Hey! While i’m here, I just wanted to give myself a chance to thank Lillaz for giving the opportunity to do the art on this page. It’s such a wonderful blog, and I’ve had so much fun designing the covers, and coming up with cool and unique ideas for the page! Thank you guys for reading, and Gail’s OUT!

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