Gorillaz News: Monday, December 28, 2020

Well, it’s been a weird year. Despite this, I want to say thank you — readers, onlookers, fans, casual skimmers — for supporting my little blog and instagram account, and helping it grow to nearly 7,000 followers. I continue to write this blog because I love Gorillaz, and it gives me a creative outlet during these isolating times. But I also write it because I love creating content for fans of Gorillaz. Through Gorillazland, I feel connected to the Gorillaz fandom as a whole and I’ve gained some pretty special friendships with fans from all around. In such a tough year, that’s something to really be grateful for. Thank you again!


Without further ado, here’s my last (short!) post of 2020. This week:

The Lost Chord

The final episode of Song Machine Season One – The Lost Chord – came out on December 24th at 12 pm EST. Inspired by nostalgic technicolor horror movies, The Lost Chord is also a finale – in my mind – of the Plastic Beach epic. To some fans, watching Plastic Beach get destroyed was awesome. To others, it was absolute horror!

We know through Cass Browne and the Hallelujah Monkeyz podcast that Plastic Beach was supposed to be eliminated — along with the rest of the world — by acting as a big plug in the Pacific Ocean that the entirety of humanity gets sucked into. This original idea, which was supposed to serve as the end of Phase 3, was of course scrapped, but this video — three phases later — delivered the final destruction of Plastic Beach. A laser-eyed Kraken-like creature played by the song’s featured guest, British singer Leee John, destroys the island before receding back into the sea.

One of the best Gorillaz videos yet, in my opinion! Watch the ending of the Song Machine Season One Adventure below:

The episode came with new art as well:

Gorillaz Wrap 2020

To wrap up the year, Gorillaz made a video as a recap of Song Machine Season One. Watch it below:

Per Rolling Stone:

Amid a pandemic year, Gorillaz managed to not only release a guest-filled new album but also created music videos and stage virtual concerts around the release. “2020 – one of the most challenging years in human history,” Gorillaz tweeted this week. “But somehow, against all odds, with the help of you and the extended Gorillaz family, we still managed to make our own little piece of history. Thanks for your patience, and for believing in Gorillaz.”

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