Gorillaz News: Sunday, March 7, 2021

Lillaz and Gail here, delivering the news for the first time in a little while! This week:

Best Bitz

Gorillaz have posted four montage videos of the best moments of Season One. Included in the thumbnails are some new keyframes! Check them out here…

Noodle Interviews with Muse by Clio

Check this small interview from Muse with Noodle! She chats about G-Mixes, the band, the brand, and a possible future collaborator, FKA twigs!

JPEGmafia Talks to Fantano About MLS

In a recent Fantano interview, Peggy revealed more about his cut verse on MLS, as well as his work on Strange Timez! Check it out:

Primavera Postponed

As one could expect, a festival that Gorillaz were to headline, Primavera Sound, has been postponed to 2022. Read the statement here:

Super Deluxe Almanacs Delivered

The Super Deluxe Almanac (limited run of 200) has arrived for people who ordered through Z2 directly!

Photos courtesy of u/Jamba-Jew:

G Store Offers a Deal

For those who bought the Super Deluxe Almanac through the Gorillaz store, you’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer. As a kind gesture, Gorillaz is sending out regular copies of the Almanac to fans still in waiting, along with a 10% discount. See the message below:

Pac-Man on Mobile

Instagram user hyoctdev has engineered a Pac-Man game for mobile! The game is currently available on Google Play, with plans for the Apple Store in the future. See the game trailer here!

Clint Eastwood Turns 20! (The Song, not the Person)

The song that started the hype back in 2001 turned 20 on March 5. Neither the song, nor the video, will ever get old to me.

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