Gorillaz News: Monday, November 23, 2020

Hi ho! Lillaz the frog here!

This week:

Hey, Our Toys Have Arrived!

For the first time in 10 years (minus the Tranz 2D figure from last season), the gang of four are in plastic form again! This past week, Superplastic and Gorillaz kept dropping hints and teasers of four brand new figures — all modeled after Song Machine videos. Behold:

2D, modeled after Momentary Bliss
Murdoc, Désolé inspired
Noodle and her monster mitts from Désolé
Russ from Désolé, and a face modeled after the Tranz video

Like what you see? Gorillazland has actually partnered with @superplastic + @gorillaz to promote the first Gorillaz FULL BAND vinyl toy set in 10 years! Get the Song Machine inspired art toys complete with instruments and accessories now – right at this link!

The details on these toys are amazing. Apparently, if you buy the figures separately, 2D and Murdoc will be shipped in December. Noodle and Russel will be shipped in February! If you opted to buy the entire set, those also ship in February.

Also, for a limited time, these pins will also ship with their corresponding band member:

Take another look at the toys here:

McCartney on Song Machine

Damon Albarn recently hinted that a Gorillaz collaboration with Paul McCartney could arrive in the future.

“I have a recording of Paul and myself that I could use for a Gorillaz track,” he said. “It could easily fit on a Gorillaz album.”

First Elton John, now Paul McCartney? That being said, I’m very much looking forward to Song Machine Season 2 – what about you?

Rehearsals for SM Live

The live band is hard at work prepping for the upcoming livestream on December 12th and 13th!

New Art Teasers

It’s been a while since Jamie has done this, but he recently posted teasers of upcoming art/videos. He posted an image of CYBORG NOODLE (I’m assuming for The Lost Chord MV) and a WIP. See the new pieces below:

2020 Clio Music Awards Jury

Noodle was chosen – the first animated juror – to judge the contestants for the 2020 Clio Music Awards. Don’t know what the Clio Awards are? Neither did I:

Built on Clio’s enduring reputation for recognizing the most creative and culturally relevant marketing and communications, Clio Music celebrates the visceral power of music to connect consumers and brands around the world. The program was introduced in 2014 to award the creative contributions of the marketers and communicators that propel the industry forward, inspire a competitive marketplace of ideas and foster meaningful connections within the creative community.

Based on Noodle’s tastes, I’m sure she won’t let us down.

Noodle’s on The Radio…ft. CHAI

Speaking of Noodle, her Song Machine Radio episode airs tonight… at 3am! (8-9am for UK folks :)) CHAI joins her in the studio, as well. Excited to listen!

Pagans Lyric Video

The official lyric video is out for Valley of the Pagans. What do you think… are the lyrics accurate?

Almanac Updates

According to this notice from Z2 Comics, the Almanacs will be shipping out as early as December 2nd:

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