Gorillaz News: Sunday, November 15, 2020

Message from Gorillaz for Beginners
Roundup completed! Get your mind ready…

This week:

The Valley Of The Pagans

Episode 8 is finally here! However, this episode was met with some legal controversy upon its release…

As you can see, the embed for this isn’t from YouTube, because Gorillaz took their upload of the video down (potentially) due to conflict with Rockstar Games, as the video features extensive use of footage from GTA V. The takedown could result in a recut of the video; but at the end of the day, the real shocker for longtime Gorillaz fans was the final shot, see for yourself…

2 new Bitez also dropped, both pretty good.

Xmas Merch

One of the hottest bits of news we have is the reveal of this years Christmas merchandise. While prior years settled on wrapping paper and cards, this time Gorillaz finally brought their 2-year meme to life in the form of Hobbs Hot Sauce! A bundle of 3 flavours by Barnfather’s are now available via their store; along with a new jumper and a 2021 calendar (which btw, is probably gonna be worth picking up if the 2020 one is anything to go off of, here’s a full scribe of it courtesy of me).

Russel On Radio

Song Machine Radio’s second episode gave us an incredible hour of Russel sharing a ton of tunes; as well as an interview with De La Soul’s Pos to give us 2 interviews between these two. Russ also confirmed via the show that episode 3 (Nov 23rd) will be hosted by Noodle, leaving Murdoc to finish the series in December.

Listen to Russ’s show here:

Almanac Teasers

The almanac has ONCE AGAIN been pushed back (this time to December 23rd according to Amazon), but we’ve now been given teaser images of some of the pages; along with a video showing off the deluxe edition’s packaging, check those out below.

Magazine Covers

Marvin, DIY & NME have all featured Gorillaz on the covers of their latest issues; with the latter showing off new art! We also got a new interview with the band via their appearance in NME, check that out here.

Murdoc Vs Trump

NME wasn’t the only place where the band got some time to get their thoughts out, as Murdoc gave us ‘The Gorillaz Guide to Surviving a Trump Victory’ last week via the Daily Beast; check it out here.

Band Chats

We got 2 cool little vids that gave us a few more exchanges and convos with the band members this week. Firstly, this text convo between the band as they discussed the first 7 episodes of Song Machine.

Secondly, we got an interview with Russel for Amazon Music’s ‘Song for That’ series of track recommendations.


Speaking of Amazon Music, know anyone who wants to try Gorillaz out without knowing where to start? Well Amazon has your back! A new playlist curated by Amazon’s experts showcases 50 of the band’s best songs from all 7 of their studio albums, check it out here.

Gorillaz: The Movie Confirmed!

Yep, according to this article, Damon has confirmed that the movie WILL be happening soon. One of the most noteworthy Twitter reactions coming from Alex Hirsch; creator of Gravity Falls who was seen a while ago in a photo with Jamie at Netflix HQ, so it seems as if he could be involved somehow. We’ll know when we know, but what we do know is that a Gorillaz film has finally been greenlit!

The Return Of Superplastic

And as if all this stunning info wasn’t enough to make you spit out your milk, Superplastic dropped this cheeky little teaser just yesterday.

Murdoc figure is coming! Wonder how long it’ll be until we see Noodle and Russel…

Fire Coming Out (Fan-Made Music Video)

The talent at Pazuzu Pictures have done it again; they’ve animated the official visual to Fire Coming Out of The Monkey’s Head:

Congrats to the animators and artists… this was fantastic. Jamie would be proud!

The Voyage: Out Soon

The Voyage is a project by Gorillaz fans, featuring original animations and songs all heavily inspired by Gorillaz. The story of The Voyage depicts 2D’s adventure post-Plastic Beach, and it’s lookin real good!

The album is officially out on December 12th! Get a sneak peak below — the album features vocals by my lovely artist, Gail!

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