Gorillaz News: Sunday, November 1, 2020

Gorillaz for Beginners bringing a huge-ass roundup to you all.

This week:

Season One Is Out!

YES!!! Gorillaz’ 7th studio album is now in our hands, and it’s amazing!

On top of those 17 tunes, we also have the Japan-exclusive closer, Taxi back to 80’s ReykjavΓ­k.

One noteworthy thing we’ve discovered that may spark some confusion amongst the fanbase is how the album is presented on CD. Just to clarify, here’s a quick breakdown of how each edition is structured:

  • Standard CD – 11 tracks on 1 disc
  • Deluxe CD – 17 tracks on 2 discs
  • Japanese CD – 18 tracks on 2 discs
  • Deluxe/Super Deluxe Vinyl CD – 17 tracks on 1 disc
  • Almanac CD – 11 tracks on 1 disc

Speaking of the latter…

The Almanc Isn’t Out…

Yep, another delay. Now it’s set for a release on November 27th (according to Amazon); but to help fans through the wait, their copies of the CD have been sent in advance.

Song Machine With Friendz

Monopoly, yoga, GOOP scented candles, all subjects brought up in this amazing Q&A with Damon, Jamie, Remi, Leee John, St Vincent, Kano & EARTHGANG to celebrate the launch of Season One; with a few additional clips at the start with other collaborators discussing their parts on the album.

When Fantano Met Damon

Gorillaz’ latest album impressed Melon enough for him to give it an 8, but he also got to interview Damon in a video Gorillaz uploaded to their YT (but it was unlisted, and later made private).

Looks like it’s set to release as a lead in to…

The Valley Of The Pagans

…Episode 8! It won’t be long before we see the video for this amazing track. An image of what seems to be the EP cover has already leaked! Check it out below:

Animal Talking

Jamie and Damon appeared on Animal Crossing for the first time ever, in one of their (imo) most memorable interviews. They were the guests of honor on the internet talkshow, “Animal Talking.” Watch for yourself here! Skip to 48:35 for the Damon and Jamie segment.

Don’t forget to watch the performance of Pagans with 2D and Beck! ;3

Song Machine On Tour

It’s official! Gorillaz have announced their next (albeit short) tour due next year, brace yourselves for another great wave of concerts next summer!

Noodle’s Birthday

Noodle turned 30 yesterday; mad to think, right? Here’s some fanart people did to celebrate.

Deezer’s Midnight Mixtape

It’s been a while since the band gave us a set of 4 personalised playlists, but now Deezer has allowed each member to do their own Midnight Mixtapes! This series has previously seen artists such as Jorja Smith, Tame Impala & Koffee creating their own playlists; and the Gorillaz set contains familiar faces such as Massive Attack, The Cure & OutKast, check them out below.

Test Pressing Giveaway

This giveaway is already over, but some lucky ducks have won signed test pressings of Season One on vinyl via a giveaway, hooray for them!

New Band Interviews

We naturally got a new interview with the band via The Line of Best Fit to celebrate the album’s launch, alongside a new selection of 9 songs with comments from them; each song by someone who’s worked with Gorillaz in the past; check it out here. Noodle also reviewed a few recent songs for The Forty-Five; check that out here.

New Lyric Videos

See for yourself! What do you think, are the lyrics accurate?

The Future Of Gorillaz?

Many interviews have taken place following the release of the new album, but one stood out amongst the rest, as Damon has opened up about not only Season 2 of Song Machine or the movie, but also the possibility of returning to the scrapped Plastic Beach work! Check out the interview snippet here.

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