Gorillaz News: Sunday, July 19, 2020

Lillaz reporting! Although there wasn’t any news last week, Gorillazland’s got some goodies for you now.

This week:

Episode 5 is Almost Here!

It’s that part of the month again! Episode 5 is nigh, with Gorillaz giving us a new G-Bite (feat. ScHoolboy Q), and a teaser this past week.

The episode/song is called PAC-MAN, and judging by what we’ve heard at the end of Friday 13th, AND in the latest trailer, it’s likely going to be a banger. I also predict this episode will have a good amount of animation – there are FOUR animators credited, along with a 3-D modeler.

The video has already been posted on YouTube with a countdown:

The new episode will air July 20, 2:30 PM.

Watch the Machine-Bite and trailer below:

PLEASE make this into a real game, Gorillaz.

Get Lost Chapter 4

Gorillaz are back with another Chapter of “Get Lost.” This one’s got Murdoc looking pretty suspicious. He says, “all will be revealed July 20th…”

That’s tomorrow! Hype!

New Apparel/Sale

Gorillaz have a summer sale going on right now, with some never-before-seen apparel in the UK store.

You can see some of the newer merchandise in this ad from Gorillaz’ instagram:

Visit both the US and UK stores here! UK 🇬🇧 US 🇺🇸

Jamie’s Taschen Book Available

A fully updated version of Jamie’s art book is now available for pre-sale. According to the Taschen website:

This special edition updates Jamie Hewlett’s first-ever monograph with around 30 brand new pieces. Through stories, characters, strips, and sketches from the Tank Girl era through Gorillaz and up to the present day, we trace Hewlett’s exceptional capacity for invention and celebrate a polymath artist who refuses to rest on his laurels.

Secure a copy for $25 USD – available August 2020.

Splendour in the Grass

Gorillaz have been booked for another festival – this time down under. Splendour in the Grass, a popular festival in NSW Australia, will be hosting Gorillaz in July 2021. This is great news for Aussie fans!

Lost Art

We got some lost art from two sources this past week: Gorillaz Raritiez and super duper fan Gisanh.

Raritez conducted an interview with Mat Wakeham, a member of the Phase 1 team Zombie Flesh Eaters. In this interview, Mat revealed some pieces that have never been seen before to fans, including a very early concept drawing for Kong Studios, named “Navarone Studios.” Watch the first part of the interview below, and check out the pics!

In addition to all this, Gisanh spotted an image of Noodle that nobody’s really noticed before – a rare sketch from Phase Two, available on D-Sides Indonesian Double Cassette, Tape Two!

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