Gorillaz News: September 8, 2020 || Here’s what you may have missed…

[smashes through a door with an axe] Heeeeeeere’s 2D!

And here’s the news, brought to you by Gorillaz For Beginners and Lillaz!

This month:

Episode 5: PAC-MAN

First off, we finally got a new episode of Song Machine back in July, made in celebration of Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary. The track notably features ScHoolboy Q and was produced by Prince Paul (who also produced De La Soul’s first album).

On top of a new song/video, we also got the tenth and eleventh Machine Bitez via the EP.

Alongside the new episode, we got a new press article via Nasty Little Man & a new promo for the single on streaming; this time with Russel instead of 2D!

As usual, SongJam gave us the official instrumental for the song.

New Art/Merch

As always, the new episode was complimented at launch with new merchandise; the two items both displaying a new group image of the band.

We also get keyframes from the video, check them out below.

Along with the brand new art, we also got a HQ piece of rarer art from phases 1 & 5, courtesy of Jamie Hewlett & @gorillazdetails.

The band also announced a range of face masks just last week, check out both designs below and click these links to buy them (set 1 | set 2 | set 1 small |set 2 small).

Lastly, Superplastic have started using a new image of Janky & Guggimon to promote the 2D figure, you might see it on social media as an ad.

Superplastic 2D

New Interviews With Damon & Jamie

Damon Albarn took to BBC Radio 1 for the launch of the single, as it was labelled “the hottest record in the world” by Annie Mac on her show.

Both he and Jamie later appeared in an interview with W Magazine (featuring a new photo of the duo), check that out here.

New Postcards

Back in 2019, hype began for Song Machine with a set of postcards from the band as they went abroad for the summer. This year, they seem to be spending their solo time out in London; as Russel has sent a postcard from Hackney.

View this post on Instagram

Greetings from Russel Hobbs 🌶

A post shared by Gorillaz (@gorillaz) on

Record Store Day

The day finally came! G Sides & D-Sides are now available on vinyl; standard pressings should be due soon.

New Reddit AMA

2D & Noodle took some time to answer the fan’s questions last month, check out some of the highlights below.

Pac-Man: Gorillaz Edition

Want to play the version of Pac-Man in the music video? Well itch.io user Hycot made their own mod of the game for you! Check it out here.

Z2 @ Comic Con

Damon wasn’t the only Gorillaz member who got interviewed in July though, as 2D made a (very) brief appearance in Z2’s panel during Comic Con at Home. While Z2 are publishing the upcoming 2020 almanac, very little new info came from the panel regarding it; but still, it’s the thought that counts I guess…

More Concerts Announced

Back in 2018, Gorillaz did a Summer Festival tour, spanning several events across Europe; and it seems as if we’re going to get a similar tour next year now that a 5th festival gig  for 2021 has been announced. The band are set to perform in France at Festival de Nimes, in Russia at Park Live & in Ukraine at Upark next Summer.

If waiting for 2021 isn’t enough for you, than Outside Lands have you covered. This year they held a Twitch event called “Inside Lands” which featured a rerun of their Gorillaz concert from 2017.

More Unseen Art

Part 2 of the @GorillazRaritiez interview with Mat Wakeham went up; alongside some unseen concept sketches for Murdoc.

Gorillaz In Clash

One of the latest issues of Clash magazine has 2 pages dedicated to looking back at Demon Days for their throwback section, check out some photos of the article below.

Trash Theory On Gorillaz

Trash Theory did an amazing episode of New British Canon on the early history of Gorillaz and how Clint Eastwood helped the band to make a first impression on the general public back in 2001, check it out below.

G-U Interviews Kid Koala

This past month, Gorillaz-Unofficial talked to Kid Koala about his work with Gorillaz, Deltron 3030, personal projects and his overall music career. You can read the entire interview on issuu below:

Almanac Postponed

According to several sources, the 2020 almanac’s release date has been changed from the 16th of October to the 29th.

Noodle and Chai

Noodle posted the below polaroid with Japanese band, Chai:

Not sure if this implies something is happening with this band and Song Machine, or if Noodle is doing something else solo with ’em. Gorillaz wrote “soon!” on the instagram post, so whatever it is will be coming our way soon.

Aries: The Game!

Gorillaz released an Aries game! This is the first official Gorillaz game in 10 years (not counting the Spirit House app). You can play the game at this link:


Lyric Videos

Along with the Aries game, Gorillaz just recently released lyric videos for each song so far in Song Machine. I wish I could say that they clear up a lot of confusion over the lyrics; they are more convoluted than we thought. Like, Damon – is it LIMEPIT or LION PIT? What is a limepit anyway?

Strange Timez

Tomorrow (9/9), Song Machine resumes again with episode 6 – Strange Timez!

At the start of the month, Shazam once again blessed us with the leaked title of Song Machine’s next episode. This will be the first song from the series recorded after lockdown began (Strange timez, indeed) and it’ll feature The Cure’s frontman, Robert Smith.

Episode 6 has since been hyped up with some brilliant new art work, a new Machine Bite, and a trailer. Gorillaz are officially in space again! See below:

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