Gorillaz News: Monday, July 6, 2020

Lillaz here again! News for the week:

Pac-Man Previews

Jamie is already gearing up for Episode 5 (well known at this point as Pac-Man, ft. ScHoolboy Q), sharing teasers of the video with fans:

New(dle) Cam

Noodle’s back on camera, sharing some behind-the-scenes clips of the Friday 13th recording session with Octavian Essie:

10 Best Tracks to Get Your Head Right

Noodle was also featured in Dummy Mag, with a playlist to keep your mind at ease in these times of uncertainty:

Gorillaz in Q Magazine

The long-awaited article on Gorillaz in Q magazine is FINALLY here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include any new art, but it does include some interesting tidbits that weren’t ever known before, such as 2D’s character semi-modeled after Chris Gentry from the band Menswear:

British guitarist Chris Gentry of Britpop band Menswear air-guitaring in a recording studio, 1995. (Photo by Kevin Cummins/Getty Images)

Grateful to Glz News on Instagram for archiving the pages of the article! Read them below:

Rock Werchter

Although it’s looking grim for any concerts or musical performances in 2020, festivals are getting ready for 2021. The latest to announce their lineup is Rock Werchter in Belgium, which have Gorillaz headlining:

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