Gorillaz News: Monday, June 29, 2020

Gorillaz for Beginners is gonna be real with ya, it’s been a slow week but more stuff’s gonna happen soon anyway.

This week:

Get Lost: Chapter 3

The band’s lockdown telegrams made a surprise return this week with Murdoc giving us another update on how things are going at Kong. Check it out below:

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#GetLostwithGorillaz Chapter 3: Murdoc Niccals

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Dear Gorillaz…

Ever wanted to be in a Gorillaz book? WELL NOW YOU CAN!!! Gorillaz posted a form on G Club that allows you to send them a letter which may end up in the almanac later this year. The deadline is July 10th, you can send your letter here.

Friday 13th Keyframes

While their last music video had limited animation, we still got keyframes via their socials as usual.

The Now Now Is 2

The band’s last studio album is now 2 years old, so fans gave us tons of great art to celebrate.

Taschen Delayed Again

Yeah… it shouldn’t come across as a shock that COVID’s effects are still lingering and Taschen’s “40th Anniversary” edition of Jamie’s artbook has one again been postponed, this time to a release date of August 8th.

Q Next Week

Remember back in February when when Q said they were gonna do an article on Gorillaz’ 20th anniversary? Well, after 3 consecutive issues that pushed the article back during a period where the wait for new media felt like pulling teeth, Q FINALLY confirmed that the article will appear in their final issue next week (out June 30th). Check out the preview pages below.

Gorillaz Q

Episode 5: Pac-Man

Once again, using Shazam on the “next episode” preview for Song Machine has resulted in the next episode title & feature both leaking, see for yourself.


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