Gorillaz News: Sunday, June 21, 2020

Lillaz is back at it, giving you your weekly dose of G-news. Much of the news this week surrounds neat things fans are working on.

This week:

The Voyage

According to their introduction trailer, ‘The Voyage’ is a fan-made Gorillaz project unveiling the journey of 2D after the events of Plastic Beach.

The project is designed to have songs, videos, animation, and stories – all fan made – depicting the horrors that 2D went through after the pirate attack on Plastic Beach.

Chapter One – Trapped ft. Santiago Rulloni and Tyler Precin was released today, June 21, and features art from Dat Maxromedia, Bandito, and WTO Visuals.

Watch here, and stay tuned for more from this project! You can also keep tabs on what they’re doing via their Instagram page.

Friday 13th – Karaoke Style

Sing along to this instrumental version of Friday 13th, from Songjam:

Friday Visualizers

Bandito, and WTO Visuals, two of the artists behind Chapter One of The Voyage, have created their own baller visuals to Friday 13th.



Fan Art

Beautiful stuff as always! Check out these headshots:

Celebrity Harvest Storyboards

The folks behind Gorillaz Raritiez are creating another amazing project – reimagining the storyboard to the scrapped Gorillaz film, Celebrity Harvest.

The voice acting and art is so impressive!! Watch both storyboards (so far) here:

Murdoc’s Back on the Air!

Gorillaz Raritiez have a LOT of projects up their sleeves… another exciting one is a re-imagination of Murdoc’s Pirate Radio sessions on Soundcloud! Welcome to Season 2 of Pirate Radio – this time, completely fan made.

You can listen to both episodes so far here:

Again, the voice acting is SPOT ON! And the editing is fantastic.

Not only that, but news on the show was covered by yours truly, Gorillazland! Hope you like my site, Murdoc. šŸ˜‰

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