Gorillaz News: Sunday, May 24, 2020

Gorillaz for Beginners is really happy for you and he’ll let you finish, but the Gorillaz fanbase had one of the busiest weeks of all time.

This week:

Aries Live!

Touring may be postponed, but that hasn’t stopped Damon from performing Aries on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week; and this performance was also (possibly) his first duet with 2D.

Song Machine Extraz

When Song Machine started back in January, an official playlist was launched to compile every episode/single from the series. They recently started a companion playlist on YouTube for videos related to the project, which you can check out here.

Demon Days Is 15

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of Demon Days in the UK, so fans showed their love with all kinds of fanart.

2D’s Birthday

It wasn’t just Demon Days’ birthday though, 2D turned 42 yesterday. The fandom sent their best wishes in the form of art!

Song Machine On IG

Jamie’s Instagram got a new post this week, with the head from the Song Machine itself.

History To Date: Retold

The fan group Pazuzu Pictures have recreated Gorillaz’ 2005 EPK, History to Date for YouTube. This recreation presents the 9 minute video in widescreen and is worth a watch if you haven’t seen the EPK before.

JP Reviews Song Machine

GorillazTrivia master Jordan Powers returned to YouTube with a review of the first 3 Song Machine episodes; check it out below!

Seye Adelekan – Aries

Earlier today, Gorillaz’ live guitarist Seye dropped an amazing cover of the band’s last Song Machine episode. The cover also got some amazing artwork by @jotka_art.

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