Gorillaz News: Sunday, May 10, 2020

This week’s roundup is a product of the Gorillaz for Beginners workshop.

This Week:

Rebunked With Russel

After 3 episodes of Murdoc’s Twitter series, Debunked, Russel finally snapped and did his own session firing shot after shot at Murdoc’s prior claims; explaining what happened in the Aries video and kicking Murdoc while he was down with a Désolé response as well.

Murdoc In Q

It’s been made pretty clear over the last few months that the Gorillaz team are focusing way more on the characters this year, with several articles and interviews involving the characters rather than hearing from the creators. In the most recent example, music magazine Q (20th anniversary article pending) interviewed 34 musicians for a lockdown special this month; and Murdoc was one of those artists.

Thanks to Tumblr user nbgorillaz for scanning the page.

Get Lost – Chapter 1

Last month, Gorillaz announced a new series involving telegrams sent by the band during lockdown. This week saw the second instalment, titled “Chapter 1: Murdoc Niccals”.

Let Me Out Demo

A few years ago, fans stumbled across an early version of the Humanz track, Carnival. This week saw another Humanz demo surface thanks to a few Gorillaz Unofficial members, specifically Let Me Out.

A few noteworthy things this demo provided were an uncensored version of the first verse and a previously unheard third verse. There’s also no 2D on this early cut of the song.

2021 Tour Cancelled

In an recent interview, Gorillaz’ live keyboard player Mike Smith stated that rehearsals for a new tour were supposed to begin in November; and that the effects of COVID-19 will likely result in the odds of any concerts within the next year going down the shitter.

New Art In 1883

A few weeks ago, 1883 Magazine announced that their next issue would feature a Gorillaz article. While it still hasn’t surfaced, we got a new tweet today hyping up this article with a new piece of art; something that was first teased in March 2019.

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