Gorillaz News: Sunday, November 10, 2019

New this week:

Dia de los Gorillaz

Soon after Gorillaz released their Day of the Day video, the original freelance artist behind the work came forward with additional Dia de los Gorillaz art on Instagram:

The Dia de los Muertos concept art is also on the artist’s Behance website.

Apparently this work was done a while ago, perhaps around the same time as Demon Dayz L.A. Perhaps it was a scrapped DDZ promotion? The art and the actual puppets used for the festival look very similar:

Giant puppets at DDZ L.A.

Rayner Alencar

Speaking of freelance artists, a fan recently dug up a website by the artist who did some design work for the Garage Palace music video. See some of the concept art he did here:

A few years ago i had the pleasure to work with the Gorillaz IP, on the Garage Palace Clip trough BlinkInk. I did some designs for the clip and what would Little Simz Look As well. It was really a bucket list thing to work on that, since Jamie Hewlllet is one of my biggest inspirations until this day.

Indeed, he appears to be a true fan of Gorillaz, having done some additional cool sketches (although these weren’t used for any other project).

DoYaThing Scan and Pressing Theory

Wayyy back in 2012, Gorillaz x Converse hosted a product launch event in Sydney, Australia. Invitations for the event took the form of apparent #DoYaThing pressings. This information wasn’t even known to Gorillaz fans until this year, when G-fan “Kal” got their hands on one of these very rare vinyls. See the recent scans here:

The interesting thing about Kal’s particular vinyl is that instead of playing DoYaThing, it plays King of the Road by Roger Miller 😮 Wondering if this is the actual record beneath the Gorillaz facade…

Shane from Gorillaz for Beginners has a theory that Converse got a ton of random records from some bargain bin and stuck their Gorillaz label over them before handing them out. Definitely one of the strangest promotional items from Gorillaz to date!

Demon Days and Picture Disc Scans

Gorillaz for Beginners has scanned all of the sides of the new Gorillaz picture discs in high quality. Peep them here:

Demon Days

Plastic Beach

Documentary News Coming Soon

Instagram user gethelpedit inadvertently received cheeky hints from the Gorillaz account, indicating that we should be hearing some news about Denholm’s documentary soon. See below:

What do you think? Are we going to see it on Netflix? Perhaps in select theaters? Looking forward to NEWS!

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