Gorillaz News: Sunday, November 3, 2019

New this week:

Night Terrors! A Playlist by Murdoc Niccals

As we know, Gorillaz have been slightly more active the past couple of months, releasing playlists, pictures, giving hints of more to come. On Halloween, they again arose from their grave, and released a new playlist by Murdoc. The cover is seemingly a reference to The Dead Don’t Die:

Murdoc’s playlists have always been my favorite (in comparison to the other three), and this playlist didn’t disappoint! Listen below on Spotify:

Fright Night

On Halloween, Gorillaz took to Facebook to tell fans they were hosting a “Fright Night” watch party at 8 PM GMT. Of course, this got us buzzing, thinking they were going to stream clips of their favorite films, and perhaps even chat with fans about them.

Gorillaz hyped the event by doing a creepy quiz on Instagram, asking us to name horror villains:

Thank you Cass!
Thank you Hunce!

The event ended up being a stream of horror film trailers via Facebook, each chosen by members of the band. Here are the trailers they showed, compiled into a playlist. There was some fan engagement in the Facebook chat, and some polling on the YouTube community page a day later.

At the end of the day, it was just a fun, silly event… wish it wasn’t hyped the way it was though.

Noodle Day

In addition to October 31st being Halloween, it was also our beloved Noodle’s 29th birthday! Jamie posted a COLORED version of her most recent pic:

Check out all the BEAUTIFUL art made in her honor:

Day of the Dead Video

On November 2nd Gorillaz released – what seems to be – a one off video celebrating Dia de los Muertos:

It seems unusual for Gorillaz to release animation not related to promotion or music video, simply because animation costs money. Perhaps it was a cool project from the past that they decided to use?

Perhaps there’s also a special connection with Mexico, considering Russel, whose postcard was from Mexico, won the poll a couple weeks back?

New G-Foot Hoodie

G-Foot has released some pretty new merch! See their recent post on instagram:

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