#throwbackthursday a Bunch of Scary Stories for Halloween


This throwback goes back to 2017, while Gorillaz were on tour with Humanz. Just in time for Halloween, I wanted to appreciate the time that Noisey (from Vice) published an article on Gorillaz’ favorite spooky stories.

Per Noodle:

“I like your English ghosts because they are polite and dress nicely (Victorian revival is hot in Japan right now) but let’s be honest—they are not very scary. In Japan, we have the kamaitachi, weasel monsters with claws so sharp that no blood is spilled, and you don’t know you’ve been cut until you realise bits of you aren’t where they used to be. But they are little babies compared to Jorogumo. She’s half-woman, half spider, all-badass. She seduces stupid men then wraps them in her web and eats them. Slowly. I would say she’s my personal favourite. But the worst of all is Oshiroi Baba, a bent old lady in a torn kimono, carrying a bottle of face powder. She hobbles up to sweet young girls and tries to trick them into putting on her face powder, saying it will make them more beautiful. But as soon as it touches their face, the flesh rots and peels off like hot ramen strands, leaving nothing but a skull. It might sound cool, but trust me, it’s not an easy look. You need a really cute hat to make it work. Anyway, that’s all from me. Sweet dreams! xxx”

Read the rest of the stories here. “Happy Halloween, get spooky and weird, enjoy.”

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