Plastic Beach Picture Disc GIVEAWAY!

I’m replacing one of my usual #throwbackthursday posts with something special and different today!

I am giving away one (1) Plastic Beach Picture Disc vinyl to one (1) lucky follower!

Scan done by Shane of Gorillaz For Beginners!

This past May, after completing a particularly difficult year of school, I found myself seeking old comforts for an outlet. Gorillaz have always been HUGE for me, and with all this new, spare time, I wanted to finally spread my passion for the band with the rest of the fandom.

This blog has been a bit of an experiment, and I am thrilled to see how many people have taken to it. 2,285 followers on Instagram and counting! Consider this as my sincere THANK YOU for the follows and the support.

Sorry, this competition ended on November 28, 2019. CONGRATS TO ROBERT FROM AKRON, OH! You’ve won!


  1. That’s great, I’ll be so happy to have one of these, I’ve listen to Gorillas since I was a kid, I love this band, it has something different to other music I’ve listen to, I even have a tattoo of them, their music is so great, it has always helped to relax and sharing this band with others is something that means a lot to me.

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