#throwbackthursday Zombie Kong

In February 2002, Gorillaz teamed up with media company Static 2358 to develop new interactive TV content: a game called Zombie Kong (heavily based on the original Donkey Kong interface). It debuted in the UK only, on Static’s interactive television channel PlayJam. Read more on a very 2002 site from the BBC!

To play, viewers would use their TV remote to control Noodle, and help her through 12 tricky levels. Winners could score exclusive Gorillaz prizes including merchandise and backstage passes for the live show.

With Zombie Kong, Gorillaz were the first band to develop an interactive television game. With TODAY’s technology, I wonder what Gorillaz could achieve on their next project…

If you were around during this time and played this game, please comment! What was it like? Was it janky? Fun? Repetitive?

You can actually play HERE! (Thank you for the tip, Sintendo!) You just need flash.

Watch some of the game play from Gorillaz Peru Fan Club:

Thanks for the idea for this week’s throwback, Shane!

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