Gorillaz News: Sunday, October 13, 2019

New this week:

Which Gorilla Would You Visit?

Gorillaz polled fans this week on Twitter and Instagram, asking who we’d like to visit most based on the characters’ previous postcards. Russel in Mexico won:

I asked fans on Instagram what they thought this poll was for, and got a range of theories — perhaps there will be a video filmed in Mexico? Or perhaps this means phase 6 lore will be more focused on Russel. Could very well be that we’ll get something solely involving Russ in Mexico!

Here’s a look at all of the postcards:

Wish You Wear Ear

On the same subject of Gorillaz abroad, this week we also got to see NEW playlists from the four, along with NEW art. PHASE 6 HAS BEGUN:

Each playlist features artists inspired from each characters’ adventures on their respective vacations. Omar Souleyman, a collaborator on Plastic Beach — whose music actually never made it onto the album — is featured on both 2D and Noodles’ playlists. This is giving fans more hope that Gorillaz will be eventually releasing some old Sea Sides material like this:

Listen to all of the playlists here! Murdoc’s is particularly fun!

#FreetheSea is One Year Old

Talking about Sea Sides material, today is the one year anniversary of #freethesea. Gorillaz-Unofficial were at the head of an epic campaign asking Damon and Jamie to release previous material from Plastic Beach. The campaign got 10,069 signatures across the fandom! That’s something to be proud of.

What’s more exciting is that there have been multiple hints in the past month alluding to the idea that we may be hearing some unheard PB material soon. Fans are crossing their fingers!

Don’t Forget About Ace

G-Fan and incredible artist Liquen, also known as pp_sides, made a playlist and postcard set for Ace, just so he didn’t feel left out…

Gorillaz For Sale

Some very old and very rare art came to light this week when fans noticed it was being auctioned off via Chiswick Auctions in the UK. It’s so cool to see this original work from Phase 1 and 2, but it’s also slightly sad to see that one of the pieces was originally given to Cass Browne — writer and collaborator for Phases 1-3.

Google Gorillaz VR Prototype

G-fan Must found an interesting website owned by design director Robert Konves. Apparently, he worked on a prototype for Google to design a Gorillaz “Spotlight Story.” See his website here. According to him,

Spotlight Stories is a 360º storytelling experience for your mobile device, putting viewers in control of what they see. We designed the premiere version of this app for Google’s I/O Conference back in 2015…

This prototype seems to have been designed for Humanz, but it never really saw the light of day. Interesting…

Murdoc’s Shrunken Head

Jamie shocked us all today by posting a cursed image:

View this post on Instagram

Niccals 🥦🥒🥬🥝🍏

A post shared by hewll (@hewll) on

Just in time for Halloween. sheesh!

Turns out that this was an edited image of a South American Tsantas – according to this (thanks Must for the screenshot):

New-Old Phase 2 Video

Shane from Gorillaz for Beginners nabbed yet some MORE lost footage from Phase 2. Thanks to Crydajam for ripping the video and putting it onto YouTube.

This ident is quite rare!

Some commercials promoting Demon Days:

Thank you Shane!

Do Ya Thing Press Kit

Gorillaz fan Must also found something neat this week – the official press kit from Do Ya Thing! Lots of HQ images from the gallery on this website.

5/4 Fan Animation

Last, but certainly not least, talented animator Jacob Polar teased his recreation of the Phase 1 5/4 Video:

I cannot wait to see what this looks like when it’s done!

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