Gorillaz News: Sunday, October 6, 2019

New this week:

Hola from Mexico!

The fourth and final postcard came out Friday. We learned that Russel is in Mexico:

The thing that’s different abut this postcard is that his exact location isn’t specified like the others — he’s just in Mexico. I was hoping that Russel’s postcard would be the final puzzle piece to my theory about all the cards being from a beachy location. There are beaches in Mexico, obviously, but this doesn’t fit quite well enough. Perhaps Gorillaz being around the world alludes to the next musical project having musicians from all these countries.

Russ also mentions the machine again. The most popular fan theory is that Gorillaz are building a time machine (this was further cemented by 2D’s postcard being a reference to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure). However, some fans are still wondering if the machine is referencing Russ’s music machine — the one we saw in the Maydeup Fest poster.

I’m sure we will find out soon!


I’m always SO impressed when I see Gorillaz animations done by artists in the fandom. Here’s a few that we saw this past week:

And peep this music video of Empire Ants — made entirely by LEGOS!

More Gorillaz Love from Peven

You can tell that Peven is really taken by being in the Gorillaz family. He sent out a nice tweet October 3:

His message is simple, but clear. Gorillaz IS all about unity, and creating peace through art and music. All the more reason to love this band.

Jamie and Remi, Out and About

Jamie posted this smug/cute picture of himself and Remi the other day on Instagram:

Wonder what they were up to? Note Jamie’s sweatshirt.

More Plastic Beach Hints

Even though I mentioned this in my last post, I think it’s fairly newsworthy for the roundup. Gorillaz responded to comments about 2D’s postcard by liking some very particular ones:

Maybe these are just red herrings to throw us off, but ‘liking’ comments about Murdoc kidnapping 2D in Beirut is certainly a throwback to Plastic Beach, and could be a hint for what’s to come. Many fans are hoping for a revisit to Plastic Beach by releasing some old material…

Bugs Funny

This week, Jamie reposted a drawing of Bugs that he did awhile ago. Was this in response to fans commenting that the new art reminded them of Looney Tunes?

View this post on Instagram

Bugs Funny

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It’s clear that Bugs and Daffy are a huge influence on Jamie. Is he drawing “fan art” of Bugs, the way he was drawing fan art of Ace? Some fans wonder if Bugs is going to make a cameo appearance with Gorillaz…

Artist Blogs

G-fan Insomnia found two separate blogs from artists that have worked for Gorillaz: Neil Boyle and Victor Chagniot. Neil describes working VERY hard on Saturnz Barz:

we had only 6 weeks to animate it, and it’s pretty long. Lots of looonnng nights. But we made it 🙂


Victor includes this great picture of 2D from Tranz in his blog:

Picture Discs Released

The Plastic Beach and Demon Days picture discs are officially here as of 10/4/19! Here are the listings on Amoeba Music:

Demon Days

Plastic Beach

Instagram user cairncrazy posted a picture of the Demon Days vinyl:

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#gorillaz #demondays picture #vinyl release day!

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Gorillaz Project Reel

Check out this project reel from Blinkink and Ten Times for G-Shock and Gorillaz, also found by G-fan Insomnia! It includes some never-before-seen animations of 2D and Noodle. Thank you to podunk for providing the mp4 🙂

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