Thoughts on Beach God

Since Jamie dropped the Beach God art the other day, my mind’s been racing with possibilities. 

Hear me out. First of all – all of the postcards we’ve seen are from some sort of beach (except for 2D’s in Beirut, although Beirut is on the coast). Murdoc’s in Ibiza, and Noodle’s on Lake Urmia. Plus, Gorillaz were supposedly filming a video on Lake Como in Italy. There’s a definite connection with beaches, which makes me think that the Beach God art is for Gorillaz. Could Beach God be the name of the song that they filmed the video for? Will that be the first single? Was Jamie’s post the cover art for this particular single?

Speaking of Beach connections, the last time 2D was in Beirut was prior to Plastic Beach. And guess who’s clearly acknowledged this — Gorillaz! Look at the liked comments below.

The album has got to have some connection to Plastic Beach, with an environmental message. Lake Urmia has been destroyed, and Ibiza is a literal plastic beach — in fact, see this article. I’m hoping the connection also leads to some unheard material from the PB days. (Yes, I’m talkin Seasides!)

Granted, this art could have nothing to do with Gorillaz after all. But we can all agree that it’s godly!

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