#throwbackthursday The Time Gorillaz Were on MTV Cribs

The infamous episode came out December 26th, 2005, well into Phase 2. Murdoc gave MTV a tour of Kong Studios, and also gave the fandom a ton of quotable and meme-able moments.

Here’s Gorillaz Unofficial’s description from way back when:

Gorillaz’ MTV Cribs episode is truly remarkable. Watch in awe as Murdoc pisses on his MTV Awards, disses the whole idea of Cribs and the vacuous nonentities that appear on it, and even finds time to show us a whole new side of Kong Studios. Even more surprising is that MTV UK made Gorillaz’ Cribs their #1 Cribs in their ’50 Greatest Cribs’ countdown today. The episode will be airing on MTV in the US early in the new year.

Source is here. G-U also provided a transcript for the episode 🙂

I also really enjoy the music from the episode, and am glad that somebody has created a Spotify Playlist:

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