Gorillaz News: Sunday, September 29, 2019

Things are REALLY starting to pick up…new this week:

Wish You Were Here!

Like Noodle’s postcard from a couple weeks ago, we saw TWO new postcards this week — this time from 2D and Murdoc. 2D appears to be back in Beirut (the last time he was there was prior to Plastic Beach), and Murdoc is in Spain. See for yourself:

2D’s message mentions getting parts for the “machine” again. The time machine theory still prevails with fans — especially after seeing Murdoc’s message, “the lads at immigration told me I’ve been holidaying here annually since 1993.” It is Murdoc after all, and we could blame drunkenness on lack of memory. Maybe that’s why Ibiza bars were named after him. Yet, maybe it also means he was visiting from another time, multiple times. Remember this art that Jamie posted this past April? Could this be the “machine?” (Credit to Jordan Powers for suggesting this!)

New Toonz

In addition to the postcards, we also got to see BRAND NEW art of Murdoc and 2D, unlike anything we’ve seen before. The images that Jamie posted were especially cartoony, unlike the more realistic vibe from the Now Now:

There’s suspicion that this isn’t entirely Jamie’s art — the round faces and extra toony look have had fans guessing that Alex Hirsch (creator of the show Gravity Falls) is involved. As you probably recall, Alex Hirsch was spotted with Jamie last October at Netflix HQ:

Alex was recently hired at Netflix to create new, original content. Could Alex and Jamie’s “baby” be the big new project that’s coming our way? Are these screenshots from whatever this project is? Or perhaps a trailer of sorts?

Lago di Como

Malian musician Fatoumata Diawara posted some videos/pictures Friday with Jamie, Damon, and the gang:

This isn’t the first time Fatoumata Diawara has met with Damon — she was actually on Rocket Juice and the Moon, one of Damon’s many side-projects.

The Gorillaz gang were on Lake Como in Italy, and as it turns out, according to this article by Quicomo.it, they were shooting a VIDEO for a new song! Here’s the rough translation into English:

“And it is precisely for the new Gorillaz project that Damon and Fatou, who in the past have already collaborated several times, are on Lake Como where together they are shooting the video of a song recorded yesterday. Remi Kabaka, a member of the Gorillaz, voice of one of the cartoons, artistic director, and Jamie Hewlett, great illustrator, cartoonist, also took part in the shootings…”


Geep Spotted in Russia

G-Shock Russia posted a shot of a real-life Geep on Instagram:

The post was a contest; post a pic of yourself with the Geep to be entered to win a new G-Shock x Gorillaz watch. So cool that the Geep exists IRL again!


Amazing stuff as always, a lot of it inspired by the new Jamie art:

Levi’s in Mexico

The Gorillaz x Levi’s line is now coming to Mexico! The G-swag will be available between October 1 and October 31, exclusively at the Levi’s Print Shop Madero and Satellite stores.

More information here: https://www.levi.com.mx/cm/spgorillaz

Gorillaz x Lego

Apparently, Lego is open to taking ideas on Gorillaz-inspired sets. If you sign in at ideas.lego.com, the website gives you the option to choose Gorillaz (as other intellectual property), and then provide information about the design idea (you have to be willing to create it, first). The website then asks you to upload a picture of your creation, a description, and title. What kind of set would you want to build? The windmill? Plastic Beach? The Spirit House?

Here’s Everythingorillaz’s post on it:

Exclusive Stickers

Here’s a nice look at the exclusive stickers that came with G-Shock online orders:

G-Shock Unboxings

Youtube user kaktus24pl has uploaded unboxing videos of the new Gorillaz x G-Shock watches. Watch directly here:

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