#throwbackthursday Plastic Beach Idents

Before the release of Gorillaz’ third studio album, Plastic Beach, Gorillaz released four teasers (one for each character, sans the real Noodle). They hyped the release of Plastic Beach, and documented HOW the characters found their way to Point Nemo.

2D being back in Beirut, and speculation of this new album somehow being a Plastic Beach throwback had me thinking of these.

Murdoc: Released Feb 19th, 2010

2D: Released Feb 20th, 2010

Russel: Released Feb 26th, 2010

Please, please, please release Crashing Down one of these days, Damon.

Cyborg Noodle: Released May 28th

Fun fact, Noodle’s ident exists at the beginning of On Melancholy Hill. This was originally supposed to be its own ident, but it got worked into the music video. Thank you for the info/dates Shane!

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