Gorillaz News: Sunday, September 22, 2019

New this week:

Gorillaz x G-Shock – Mission M101 (Part 3)

The long awaited part 3 is out! As predicted, it arrived Monday morning. Although the episode was fairly predictable, the Geep ended up playing a great role that fans enjoyed. Watch here:

Watches 4 Sale

The Gorillaz x G-Shock watches went on regular sale this past Wednesday. A few fans bought them the day of, including Shane from Gorillaz for Beginners. Apparently if you bought both watches, you’d get an exclusive tote. Peep his pics here from the London store:

Assume Off Bloom

The Gorillaz instagram account just recently commented on Off Bloom’s recent post about their new single, ARE YOU FEELING IT TOO?

I think it’s safe to assume that Off Bloom’s on the next album! You can see the post below. I’m so curious to see how this turns out…

You’re Watching Demon Days Live!

Shane from Gorillaz for Beginners has done it again! He’s gotten his hands on some old and rare material from Phase 2, and Crydajam has transferred the content of the tapes to Youtube. Here’s the latest upload below – a series of commercial breaks from the Demon Days Live airing:

VBlurPage Summary

I know this is the weekly roundup, but if you want to see another roundup of all the speculation about the new ‘rillaz album, take a look at this on Veikko’s Blur Page. VBlurPage is a Blur fansite that’s been around since 1998 — it’s still active though!

Damon’s Gear

Ever wonder what kind of gear Damon uses in-studio or live? This site has it archived!

These are super fun to play with from experience. And Damon has one too!

Polyphonic’s Take on Feel Good Inc.

Youtube account Polyphonic, known for their video essays on pop culture and music, have just done a video deconstructing the meaning of Feel Good Inc. Take a closer look here:


G-fan Must uncovered this creepy video on Vimeo — it appears to be a previously unseen interview with the Phase 1 crew (Damon, Jamie, Dan the Automator) from a Brazilian or Portuguese program. However, the muffled sound and black and white video makes it look like a creepypasta…

Horrors Speculation

According to this article from @warpmagazine, the Horrors will be on the upcoming Gorillaz album. The article claims that the ever-elusive Leviathan (the Plastic Beach track that never was) will be on there, but this seems to be speculation based on an Instagram post from The Horrors this past winter.

A fan commented in my instagram post that the picture dates back to the Plastic Beach days, so this article is pure speculation. Either way, exciting that publications are creating more buzz about this album!

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