#throwbackthursday Murdoc’s Facebook Livechat

On September 16, 2010, (9 years and 3 days ago!) Murdoc spoke with fans LIVE from Plastic Beach.

Murdoc – aka, Phil Cornwell – read questions aloud from the UStream chat, and answered them (to the best of his ability). I like to imagine that Cass Browne and Jamie were next to him, helping inform some of the questions.

This was the first and only time Gorillaz have done this! It would be cool if they’d do something similar again. Interactions with fans — whether it be the Reddit AMA, old forum posts, or answering fan questions in interviews (i.e. the Mista Jam interview) has always been so fun to participate in. Gorillaz visit a Discord server when?

Here’s the whole hour recording of the live chat. Murdoc is uncharacteristically nice in this (perhaps he had too much rum), but it’s clear he really loves his fans. Fun fact: he answers one of my questions early on in the stream 🙂


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