Gorillaz News: Sunday, September 15, 2019

WOW. What a week for news! This week:

The Forest Is Burning

On Thursday, Noodle surprised us with a postcard to her three bandmates:

The Japanese translates to:

Where are you now? You know, this world will be gone soon. The forest is burning, and the lakes are running out of water or are overflowing. It’s becoming hotter. I want to see these places before they’re gone. 
Is the machine ready?

Catch you later! Noodle!!!

Translation done by Nicole Koike 🙂

This came about a day after a tweet from Gorillaz’ marketing manager, Stars Redmond. Now we know why she needed a Japanese translation:

So, Noodle is currently in Lake Urmia, an area of Iran suffering from environmental degradation. It’s quite sad if you read about it

I’m on the fence on whether Noodle’s postcard relates to the G-Shock story, or if its setting us up for a new phase of Gorillaz. Referencing an environmental disaster to sell watches is not really my favorite option, but I am leaning more towards this being for G-Shock, especially since Noodle suggests firing up a machine. There have been a couple of fan theories about what the machine is — a time machine would make most sense with the throwback design of the camo watch. Gorillaz going back in time to revisit the first album. Or perhaps it’s Russel’s music machine, which was very recently referenced in the Maydeup Festival poster. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

G-Watches up For Presale!

On the subject of G-Shock, the watches dropped today at midnight CST for exclusive 48 hour pre-sale. They’re up on the Gorillaz US store right now: https://usstore.gorillaz.com.

Apparently each purchase comes with exclusive stickers. Oooooh.

That self-titled watch box looks AMAZING. I’m a sucker for Phase 1.

The next G-Shock x Gorillaz episode should be dropping tomorrow (Monday), according to the newsletter Gorillaz sent out:

Stay tuned for the final episode of Gorillaz’ intergalactic adventures with Mr Ibe, G-Shock’s inventor – out Monday.

Here’s the episode teaser that we saw this past week (shown as an ad before youtube videos). Glz News managed to snag it:

NEW ALBUM, Says Moonchild Sanelly

Some of the most exciting news came on Friday when fans discovered a hidden tweet by Africa Express collaborator, Moonchild Sanelly:

It’s been known for some time that Moonchild was in the studio with Damon, but we certainly weren’t predicting a Gorillaz album this soon! Look, Moonchild also mentions being on the upcoming Gorillaz album in this interview that surfaced:

(You can watch the entire interview here).

If they’re just finishing up the album now, that means we’re probably slated for 2020 to be another exciting year for Gorillaz!!! A new album (a new tour?), Jamie’s upcoming project, and the documentary (which hopefully can get released before the album!)

Documentary Delays

More discussion about Denholm’s documentary happened this Wednesday, when a fan posted a quick conversation with him:

We’ve known the documentary has been finished, but we were, of course, wondering when it would come out. It seems like they’re possibly looking for a distributor, if I were to guess. I’m so looking forward to this documentary!

Peep These Picture Discs!

As we know, Demon Days and Plastic Beach are being re-released on picture vinyl! This week, we got to see how they’ll look from Amazon:

The Demon Days one looks GREAT. Here are the listings on Amazon — you can currently pre-order for the October 4 release:

Plastic Beach

Demon Days

Tranz Is a Year Old!

September 13th was the anniversary! Here’s some great Tranz fanart from the day:

Yaaay, Tranz is one of my favorite Gorillaz videos.

Social Media Updates

Gorillaz have updated their logo on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to the one in iconic red spray paint. In addition, Gorillaz have changed the background of their online store to black.

Some fans are guessing that this is in celebration of the Phase 1 camo watch — for the nostalgia of it all.

However, Instagram account @everythinggorillaz noted in this post that Gorillaz tends to update their logo before something big happens, and as we now know, we are getting a new album! Hype!!!

Kong Revamp

Sintendo, known for restoring Phase 1 and 2 Kong Studios, has made some adjustments to the sites (fixed broken links, updated main page). If you’re feeling nostalgic or want to know what Kong was like back in the day, look no further!

Phase 1

Phase 2

Guilherme’s Incredible Collection

This has got to be the biggest Gorillaz collection I’ve ever seen – and possibly in existence! Check out all of Guilherme’s collection in his video below. I’m so impressed!

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