#throwbackthursday Final Drive

In lieu of the previous G-Shock Geep teaser, today’s throwback features the famous Gorillaz game: Final Drive!

I have fond memories of playing this game on my old green iMac, messing around, making the Geep clumsily tumble off the highway. The game is a simplistic recreation of the 19/2000 music video, but you get to be in control (rather than Murdoc):

There’s a great 2018 article from Digg (that actually, Shane of Gorillaz for Beginners and Jessori, head of Gorillaz subreddit and glz news, helped inform) that goes into depth about when and how the game was made. Final Drive was built by Matt Watkins, a member of Jamie Hewlett’s old team, Zombie Flesh Eaters. Mat Wakeham, another crucial member of the team from Phase 1 describes in the article that Final Drive was initially one of Watkins’ experiments:

“Most of the stuff we did was like that,” Wakeham explained. “He’d come across the engine for it somewhere and wanted to see if he could make it work. We periodically released games to entertain the online fan base and this one was particularly fun.”

Fun is right! You need Flash to run the game, but I’ve included the link to download it here. Enjoy!

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