Gorillaz News: Sunday, October 20, 2019

New this week:

Phase 6 Sketches

Jamie posted this GORGEOUS sketch of Noodle this past Monday. It’s pretty reminiscent of the Strobelite video, but maybe he just likes drawing Noodle with cat ears:

Then, on Friday, Jamie posted another sketch of 2D in the red ink. This one’s a bit reminiscent of that Phase 3 drawing of him in the beanie:

So cool to see Phase 6 art starting to come along…

Théatre du Châtelet

Gorillaz collborators are definitely up to something in Paris, specifically at the theatre and opera house, Théatre du Châtelet. I wonder if they will also be involved in Damon’s upcoming project, Le Vol du Boli. Remi first posted some footage of inside the theatre, asking fans what we thought they were up to. He soon followed up with a picture of Jamie:

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What am I doing in Paris ?

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Later, Damon Albarn Unofficial posted some footage of Damon rehearsing for Le Vol du Boli at the theatre:

Remi and Jamie could very well be involved. Here’s some information from the theatre’s website:

In September, a workshop open to the public will be conducted by Damon Albarn and Abderrahmane Sissako with Malian musicians. This will be one of the steps leading to the creation of the Opera Le Vol du Boli in 2020. From January 2020, workshops open to women will also allow to build an amateur choir that will be part of the show. They will take place at the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil.


Scans of the official G-Shock x Gorillaz stickers came to light this week:

The funny part is, none of the characters are even wearing the watches (as were previously drawn)!

Fan Art

Check out some of the great fan art this week, much of it inspired by Jamie’s latest sketches:

5/4 Progress

Jacob Polar continues his work on animating 5/4. I am SO impressed with the animation! Watch his latest progress here:


Gorillaz posted a few throwback photos on social media this week. My guess is that they’re trying to ramp up their social media presence, keeping fans excited for the next year. They could also be promoting some of Denholm’s upcoming documentary:

Demon Dayz Festival – To Be Continued?

Gorillaz also posted some previous video footage of DDZ LA on Instagram. The interesting part about it is that it ends with a picture of Russel that says “Until Next Time…”

They wouldn’t say that if there wasn’t going to be a next time! ❤ Excited to hear more…

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