#throwbackthursday Gorillaz Interview with The Times

Promoting the release of Rise of the Ogre in 2006, Murdoc and 2D appeared on an audio interview with The Times (a UK national newspaper). Phase 2 was a wonderful time for having the characters “come alive” so to speak — with their various radio show appearances, recordings such as We Are the Dury, a shared stage with Madonna

Phil Cornwell and Nelson de Freitas are at their best in this interview; there are a lot of laughs, good improv, and there’s lots of lore explained, taken directly from RotO. I love when Phil loses it, but still manages to keep his laughter in character with Murdoc.

Gorillaz Wiki has the transcripts for just part 1 and 2 of the interview listed on their site:

Part 1

Part 2

However, you can listen to all three parts below:

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