#throwbackthursday Rise of the Ogre Audiobook

In celebration of D-Day, I’m thinking about Rise of the Ogre (which, also come to think of, I haven’t read in a while). D-Day, the day that Murdoc literally collided into 2D (giving him one of his famous dents in the head) is explained in depth in this Gorillaz bible.

As you may already know, Gorillaz recorded an audiobook to go along with the physical copy of the story. The four part audiobook was narrated by Joss Ackland and was initially an iTunes exclusive, with each part released every week. However, to this day, the audiobook was never completed. Not sure why, though.

You can listen to it all here:

Or, you can download all four episodes at this link (the audio quality is better). Big thank you to Must for originally sourcing and including these recordings in his Outsiderz compilation.

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