Gorillaz News: Sunday, August 11, 2019

New this week:

Strobelite Anniversary

Peven Everett sent out a heartfelt tweet on August 8th reminding fans of the 2 year anniversary since the release of Strobelite. “Much more to come from Peven and much more to come from Gorillaz,” he wrote. Although we know that Gorillaz are starting to come out from their hiatus, it’s still encouraging to hear again that more is coming.

I saw some nice fan art to celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the Strobelite video (and also found some great fan art back from 2017 too):

It’s G-Time Again

Gorillaz have announced that Episode Three of Gorillaz x G-Shock is coming September 18th!

The leak from a couple weeks ago seems to have been real. Here are the two new designs we are now expecting:

Whoa – Gorillaz Camo!!!

According to the website, these both drop on September 18, likely with the 3rd episode of G-Shock x Gorillaz.


Two talented visual recreators dropped separate videos this week. These are cool – like Demuny, both Visuals Go! and Visuals Only have remade Gorillaz visuals from the Humanz/Now Now tour.

Sorcererz by Visuals Only

M1A1 By Visuals go!

More Looks at the Plastic Beach Model

This week, a fan found the website to the model making company that created Plastic Beach. Just a neat look at some of the smaller details on the model island! Check out the site here.

SuperPlastic Continues to Keep Secrets Close

After the accidental leak of a 2D figure last week, SuperPlastic has kept any news of a Gorillaz collaboration under wraps. On Tuesday, fans waited with bated breath to see a glimpse of 2D during a news interview with WCAX Vermont and SuperPlastic. However, no such glimpse came — in fact, it looks like 2D was removed from the shot altogether. I’m sure we will see more soon…

Scrapped Gorillaz x Jaguar VR App

Must from Gorillaz-Unofficial found an interesting video this Sunday afternoon — apparently the Gorillaz x Jaguar collaboration was supposed to extend into 2018 with a VR app.

According to the creative consultancy group’s site, the app (or perhaps contest?) would be called DEMON CHASER:

” A GORILLAZ and Wacky Races inspired Augmented Reality racing competition that lets fans experience the incredible electric performance of the I-PACE across multiple cities and driving conditions.

All to win a trip to the GORILLAZ DEMON DAYZ music festival in Los Angeles where 20 winners will compete on-stage in the Final, racing for the experience of a lifetime…”

Obviously this idea was scrapped since Demon Dayz came and went. What a cool idea though. Looking at the website, there were all kinds of Gorillaz decals that you could potentially embellish a car with.

Perhaps it’s not completely scrapped, but being reworked? Who knows. Yet another example of Gorillaz and virtual technology coming together.

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