Gorillaz News: Sunday, August 18, 2019

New this week:

Happy D-Day!

August 15, 1997: D-Day. On the 22nd anniversary of the day Murdoc and 2D “met,” we saw a lot of great fan art!

Plastic Beach and Demon Days Reissues?

A reddit user on r/Gorillaz found something interesting this week: Plastic Beach vinyl is up for pre-order on Amazon. The strange thing about it is that it’s way more expensive than the regular version, and it’s set to be released October 4, 2019.

Not only that, but it appears that Demon Days is up for reissue too! Must from Gorillaz-Unofficial was able to take the below screenshot from Amazon as well:

Is Warner Music choosing to reissue all of the Gorillaz vinyl discography now? Why are the reissues way more expensive than the regular version? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Visualizerz Part 2

This week we saw more badass Gorillaz live Visualizers from Visuals Only, Visuals Go!, and Alex Vargas:

M1A1 by Visuals Only:

Strobelite by Visuals Go!

Last Living Souls by Alex Vargas:

G-Shock Will Have Grand Reveal

The G-Shock UK Instagram account has given us some information about the upcoming watches. Apparently, the watches will be available through G-Shock’s website as well as the G-Shock London store. Buyers will also be able to check http://www.gtimeisnow.com for selected retailers. According to their replies to fans, it sounds like we will be getting a grand reveal — wonder what that could mean!

Gorillaz.com Cleanout

Looks like Gorillaz.com is in the process of a revamp. All of the music videos have been removed, except for Clint Eastwood (oddly). Could this mean a more interactive or fleshed out website? Looking back on the days of Kong and Plastic Beach, that’s one thing that fans have been missing!

Phil Cornwell Voice Reel

This isn’t news, but still a fun feature that I’ve been meaning to include for a while. Phil Cornwell, the voice of Murdoc, has a voice reel online. You can really hear the Murdoc coming out in a few ads, especially the one for HP Sauce (a very sober Murdoc, that is).

Humanz is Gorillaz

According to Jamie, Humanz was written by all four band members. Everything Gorillaz has had another brief chat with Jamie confirming this:

Five Point Five News

Gorillaz-inspired group Five Point Five be dropping a new single Monday called “Dual Sympathy.” Stay tuned for updates by checking their instagram page, omnichordfpf.

Five Point Five are also coming out with a music video for their track “Rainy City!” Looking forward to it!

Watch the teaser below:

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