With a bittersweet heart, I’m announcing to my followers that I am discontinuing Gorillazland. With the addition of a new full-time job, and other responsibilities and interests, I find myself having less time to dedicate to this blog and the Gorillaz fandom.

The idea of Gorillazland came to me at an intersection in my life when I had the space, passion, and time to avidly watch and assemble Gorillaz news as it came. Witnessing season one of Song Machine unfold was so exciting and I’m happy that I got to archive and capture yet another era of Gorillaz. I’m so grateful to all of you who read the roundups and supported this website over the last two years. Thank you to the artistic collaborators who made my roundup covers, Superplastic for allowing me to promote their Gorillaz toys, Jamie Hewlett for following me on Instagram, and most of all to the fans who created some of the most ambitious fan-work I’ve seen to date — all of which I’ve made sure to feature on the blog.

Gorillaz is still, and will always be my favorite band. And the door isn’t 100% closed of course; perhaps if I have the space at another point in my life, I’ll pick up where I left off. Until then, sayonara!


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