Gorillaz News: Sunday, June 6, 2021

Hey, it’s the soon departed Gail, coming here to you with my final Gorillazland roundup, here with the rest of the crew: Lillaz, Gorillaz for Beginners, and Polaris. Its a big one!

This week:

Russ’ Birthday and Murdoc’s Today!

Last Thursday was Russel’s 46th birthday; and today is Murdoc’s 55th! Here’s some fanart of both sods made in celebration.

Demon Days 20 Mix, Gorillaz S/T 20 Mix, and Merch on Site

After the self titled album mix, Demon Days was next in line to get it’s 20th anniversary album mix on May 26th. The album also turned 16 earlier in May!

To coincide with this, the online store received new S/T and DD themed merch: https://store.gorillaz.com/

Superplastic Noodle Geep

Superplastic surprise-released a new vinyl figure on May 26: a replica of Noodle’s “geep” from the Aries music video! This is a limited edition figure — only 3000 released — and it has features like real light up headlights and spinning wheels.

Gorillazland teamed up with Superplastic to promote this limited edition figure; you can still pre-order the toy using this affiliate link!

Look at this beauty…

You can also view the original renderings of the toy here. These are by Rob Keiser, Digital Sculptor at SuperPlastic.

New Amazon Store?

Amazon recently opened up an artist selection page, where Gorillaz now inhabit a new webpage of their own! It’s a bit rough, but it looks promising.

Jamie Posts New Teasers! Season 2?

Jamie recently posted possible Season 2 teasers on Instagram of Murdoc and Noodle! We are really loving these. Check them out!

The Apprentice Demo Snippet

A snippet of an early demo of Humanz’ The Apprentice (featuring Sampha) has popped up recently… hopes are that it comes up soon? Listen from this link.

NFTs Confirmed Cancelled

It’s been suspected for a while now that Gorillaz and Superplastic backed away from the idea of Gorillaz NFTs, especially after the backlash from the fanbase.

Finally, Jamie himself confirmed that the NFTs are gone by responding to a fan via instagram:

Note from Gail

Hey, before I leave, I’d like to leave a tidy lil’ note. Its been quite a time doing covers for you guys, and most recently helping write these. I really enjoyed my time here, and had a fun little run. See you!


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