Gorillaz News: Sunday, May 2, 2021

Hi everyone, it’s Sintendo and Gale again. As my cat likes to say, ‘mrrp’ (here’s the roundup)!

This week:

Humanz Anniversary

Last Wednesday, the album Humanz had its 4th anniversary! In honor of this, the official store has released several Humanz themed merchandise and an album mix was promoted on several streaming services. I wonder if they’re gonna do the same for Demon Days on the 23rd…

Gorillaz at Boardmasters Festival

Gorillaz have been announced to appear at the 2021 Boardmasters festival! Check out the announcement here.

Eyescream Magazine and Popup

Eyescream, a Japanese fashion magazine, has teased a new issue with Noodle on the cover! A popup event collaborating with them and Fred Perry occurred this week.

MTV Essentials Interview

An obscure MTV interview from 2006 featuring Damon and Jamie has resurfaced on Vimeo. Very interesting…

Wobble Street

Hey, this is Gale here, and us over at Wobble Street have lots of content out! The first 4 chapters are streaming now, as well as the NEW Express store, with the exclusive single ‘Freak Show‘! Stay tuned for some exciting new episodes, as well as The Voyage’s second album ‘Wobble Street’! 👀

This week’s fanart

Finally, some very lovely fanart from around the web. Have a nice week, everyone.

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