Gorillaz News: Sunday, April 25, 2021

Welcome back, everyone! Sintendo here again with funny man Gale. Here’s what’s happening this week…

Fred Perry Website

This week, Fred Perry opened up a new Gorillaz section on their website. It’s currently unfinished, but it will be a Virtual Reality game where you can explore the Winnebago with a newly re-designed Mike the Monkey! There’s some secret code showing the features that will soon be available (like being able to open the door with some manipulation), but for now there’s not that much to do.

The code also revealed that a whole new line of clothing will be coming out: credit to Gorillaz fan Glow for this long list of goods:

Crane Print Grip Bag, Crane Print Pleated Tennis Dress, Patch Detail Bomber Jacket, Printed Harrington Jacket, Towelling Track Jacket, Trim Harrington Jacket, Corduroy Harrington Jacket, Striped Track Pants, Graphic Print Ringer T-Shirt, 2D Printed Polo Shirt, Crane Print Piquà Dress, Murdoc Printed Polo Shirt, Noodle Printed Polo Shirt, Russel Hobbs Printed Polo Shirt, Numbered Sock, Printed Sock, V-Neck Jumper, Striped Rib Track Jacket

Clash Magazine Interview

The new interview in Clash Magazine is out now and very interesting… it even confirms Song Machine Season Two! You can read it here.

2021 starts with optimism. If the vaccinations continue, if we all work together, then the pandemic might just ease into memory-friendships can be rekindled, families can be reunited, and our lives can flower once more. Gorillaz are launching Song Machine: Season Two, with countless fresh collaborations already being booked up. When the subject of live shows-socially distanced or otherwise-is broached, it seems that the group are already feeling optimistic about what this year could hold.

Gorillaz: Land of The Permanent Sun
Clash, April 2021

Social Media Update

Gorillaz have updated their socials, this time with 20th anniversary themed branding.

Fan Creations

Here are all the HIGHLIGHTS of the week! Check out these creations all over the web……

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