Gorillaz News: Sunday, September 27, 2020

Lillaz here with the roundup, featuring a new artist: Galesketches!

This week:

Aries Tee

Fans with a Circle of Friendz pass received a message this past week, notifying them of their early access on a new tee shirt:

Unfortunately, the tee isn’t too impressive — it simply shows art from the opening screen of the Aries game. The game is really cool, sure, but did it really need its own t-shirt?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sticker Sheets/New Art

The sticker sheets finally revealed themselves on the Gorillaz store. These look great; they also include alternate versions of art we’ve already seen, and keyframes of 2D and Murdoc that we haven’t seen before — perhaps they’ll be in the next episode!

Revealed Almanac Page

Whoa, a page from the almanac! Murdoc boasts that it’s a snippet of a scrapped movie script. Is it just a joke? Or the real deal?

Lost Tapes Part 1

Evywubs, creator of the Lost Tapes comic on Instagram, has had her story dubbed on Youtube. It’s a great and emotional comic, and the fans that made this dub possible did a really great job. Watch part 1 below:

Rise of the Ogre, Chapter 3?!

Pazuzu Pictures, a group of dedicated and ambitious Gorillaz fans, have been working extremely hard to continue the audiobook of RISE OF THE OGRE! As you may already know, Rise of the Ogre was meant to be fully narrated, but ended at the end of Chapter 2. Pazuzu Pictures has picked it right back up again at Chapter 3.

The video will premiere on Youtube this Thursday (10/1) at 3pm EST:

You can hear a sneaky snippet of the audio below:

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