Gorillaz News: Monday, September 21, 2020

Do you remember? The 21st night of September?

Lillaz here! I bring news to you!

This week:

Live Trailer and Tickets

Promotions for Song Machine: LIVE have started with an ad for the event:

It turns out that the ‘Circle of Friendz’ pass that fans could previously buy on the Gorillaz store came in handy for getting early access to tickets. Subscribers received this email in their inbox, which took them to the LIVENow page to purchase tix:

Once the offer was over, tickets went up for sale to the general public – single tix now more expensive. However, they also offer a $40 party pack which gives access to digital backgrounds, screensaver, a custom countdown to the show and a pre-show playlist. Kind of unfair to the fans who bought the Circle of Friendz pass and got their tickets already, in my opinion!

Either way, see you all at the show!

Music Week Interview

Gorillaz had a cover story in UK based magazine Music Week! Some important tidbits came out of this interview, including mention of a film in the works (again)! Read it below:

Strange Timez Remix Visual

Gorillaz released a cool visual for the remix that Robert Smith did of Strange Timez:

Jamie’s Updated Book

Jamie Hewlett’s 40th Anniversary Taschen book is now out, and it includes some notable differences from the original version of the art book. About 10 images from Phases 2-3 have been added, and some of the larger pieces are now spread across 2 pages. Additionally, the sketch section shows the drawings on white paper instead of tracing paper. If you’re a devout fan of Jamie’s artwork, this may be a nice addition to your collection.

We also learned through the new book that this image is titled “Captain Fuckwash.”

A Silly Murdoc Animation

Murdoc has taken to Facebook to promote Season 1 of Song Machine:

The Ultimate Interview Archive

Another great Gorillaz fan website has popped up just recently: Lobotomy Pop. The key feature of this website is a comprehensive archive of every single Gorillaz interview to date. Super dedicated and useful!

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