Gorillaz News: Sunday, April 19, 2020

Gorillaz for Beginners and Lillaz here, weekly roundup also here.

Roundup cover is done by Hintt!

This week:

Debunked Episode 3

While Russel didn’t turn up like last week’s newsletter said, Murdoc still took to Twitter as usual for the Aries edition of Debunked. Murdoc had a lot of snarky interactions with fans this time; here are some of the highlights:

Aries Instrumental

Just like Debunked, SongJam continued their pattern of dropping Song Machine instrumentals a week after each episode with the karaoke video for Aries.

Gorillaz In Clash

The band are no strangers to Clash Magazine, appearing in several articles over the years and once making the cover 15 years ago. While they aren’t making the cover this month, Gorillaz will appear in the next issue; which is available to order now and will be released on April 27th. You can choose between 4 covers, featuring H.E.R, Ryan Beatty, Alicia Keys & David Bowie.

28 Days Later (12-17)

Another week, another batch of recommendations via G Club’s current event.

Gorillaz x Merchandise

Looking back, Gorillaz have had a fair amount of tie-in products over the course of their career. From figures to fashion, this recent video by Cheesyboi looks into the most standout collabs when it comes to their merch.

Instagram Art

Jamie’s Instagram took fans back with some unreleased art from over a year ago being uploaded this week; I’ve also placed the first teasers of both images to the left for comparison.

Jamie Hewlett – 40 – Up for Preorder

Jamie’s new Taschen book appears to already be up for preorder! You can see it here on Book Depository’s website…

The cover doesn’t seem to be available as of yet. Looking forward to seeing what this book is about; it’s still sort of a mystery, as Taschen hasn’t released any info about it.

Phase 3 Goodies

The Gorillaz Raritiez team stumbled upon some Phase 3 ‘raritiez’ lost in time… thanks to the wayback machine! Fans from 2010 should remember Gorillaz’s contest to design the Boogeyman’s ultimate adversary: the Evangelist. Here is an archive of all the entries!

Also, during the lead-up to the online release of The Fall in December 2010, fans could enjoy a Gorillaz goodie every day via this advent calendar. It doesn’t seem like everything is intact at this point, but you can still enjoy some of the nostalgia via the available wallpapers, and teasers for The Fall.

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