Gorillaz News: Sunday, February 9, 2020

New this week:

Momentary Bliss, “Debunked”

Murdoc took to Twitter on Thursday to refute some silly rumors about the Momentary Bliss video. Did Murdoc poison Damon? Did he poison himself? Why did that owl shoot lasers out of its eyes? Murdoc answers us below…

Seems like Gorillaz are doing the “Debunked” series with Murdoc to keep fans going until the next Song Machine episode. Perhaps this’ll be the so-called “lore” for this particular phase. We’ll likely see more “Murdoc Debunks” in the future; Gorillaz posted the following on Instagram as #1:

Momentary Momentz

Gorillaz posted a couple more goodies on instagram – Murdoc and Russel on the set of Momentary Bliss:


Damon appeared Apple Music’s ALT CTRL this week to chat about Momentary Bliss. During the interview, Damon remarked upon his relationship with Slowthai:

“[Slowthai] is a kindred spirit,” Albarn said. “You need to work with kindred spirits, people who are really in the same pocket as you are, about worldview and emotion. That’s something where you have to kind of go on instinct, because you can listen to people’s music and be an admirer from afar, but until you’re actually in the room with each other, you really know whether there’s gonna be any kind of connection.”

Damon also revealed that 6 episodes of Song Machine are taped and ready to go. When asked about the Tame Impala collaboration though, he went silent…

Listen here:

More Tame Impala Hints

Despite Damon’s silence, Parlophone seemed to unofficially confirm on instagram that Tame Impala will be on an episode of Song Machine.

Fans are eager to know whether it’ll be February’s episode or later on! Tell us!!!

Steve Lamacq Roundtable Discussion

Steve Lamacq and friends discussed Momentary Bliss on BBC Radio 6 this past week. Fun fact: Gorillaz’ first radio presence was with Steve Lamacq in 2001!

Consensus – they ultimately liked it, describing it as “what you’d expect Gorillaz to sound like in 2020.” FRESH.

Listen below:

Thanks for the recording, Most Definitely Shane!

20th Anniversary Feature in Q Mag

Next month, there’s going to be a “20th anniversary” feature on Gorillaz in Q Magazine – one of Britain’s leading music mags. 👀 Out March 10! 👀

Gorillaz Archive Heaven

If you’re looking for a particular rilla picture from a particular rilla phase, chances are you’ll be able to find it on THIS Google Drive archive. This amazing work was started by a fan named Tatiana, but has since been updated and managed by Gail (gailgorillaz on Instagram). Thank you so much Gail for your dedication to maintaining the archive!

Humanz Visual Tour

Visuals Only, known for creating awesome fan-made tour visuals, outdid themselves this week by not only recreating visuals from the HUMANZ tour, but recreating the visuals for an ENTIRE show. Great work! 👏


Whoa, check out the adverts that @thatmustguy just found: these date way back to 2001!

Crazy that these were uploaded in 2015 but just noticed by the greater fanbase now. MOLOTOV has some additional old promos for Gorillaz, along with some Blur ones too.

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