Gorillaz News: Sunday, December 1, 2019

New this week:

Gorillaz: Reject False Icons – (Hopefully) Coming to a Theatre Near You!

Along with tickets, the trailer for Denholm’s Reject False Icons documentary was released on the 26th:

Seats were snagged the moment the tickets went on sale (11 EST), and theaters are now starting to sell out! In fact, my theatre is almost full:

Although the promotions touted a “worldwide” release, there were unfortunately some countries that the distributor (Trafalgar) didn’t cover. Here are all of the locations the documentary is showing:

While this is completely on the distributor, Denholm sent a sweet apology to fans via the Hewlett’s Art Facebook account. He also has been responding to inquiries regarding the film being available after the theatre release:

Regardless of how/when we see the movie, it’ll be such a treat to see backstage antics, beautifully shot footage of the band during live (and hopefully rare) performances, HD animation, and perhaps some unheard material. Thank you Denholm! We are all so excited!

2D Says: Vote!

Gorillaz dropped a message on Monday urging UK voters to register to vote.

This is a fully colored version of the 2D sketch Jamie posted a little while back. My guess is that the image will be recycled for Phase 6 with a different tattoo – the VOTE! tattoo appears to be temporary, after all. 😛

Noodle Doodle

Jamie blessed us with another new picture of Noodle this Tuesday – she looks amazing!

Trim Your Tree with Gorillaz!

The Gorillaz store has stocked up on some holly jolly goodness! Show off your true love for Gorillaz by giving your friends and family a gift wrapped in rillaz paper! Or by sending them a card of Murdoc’s face!

The new “toony” character look is also available on some exclusive tags. And you can ring in the new year with a 2020 calendar!

Pssst! SUPERPLASTC x 2D figures are now back in stock in the G-Store as well!

ALSO, the G-Store is currently having a Black Friday sale, over Monday at midnight (UK time). Act fast if you want to snag some discounted merch.

Moonchild Says New Gorillaz on the Way

We already knew, but here’s some further confirmation that we are getting new Gorillaz music! And soon! From G-fan @HauntedToast11:

One of the commenters on GLZ News’ instagram suspects that we’ll hear an announcement of the new album/project at the very end of the documentary. I’m hoping hoping hoping this is the case!

Busta What Now?

Thanks to Jordan Powers’ (of GorillazTrivia) sleuthing, we can see that Gorillaz and Busta Rhymes suddenly seem to be following one another on Instagram.

Could this be a hint of a potential collaboration? This wouldn’t be the first time — back in 2001, the Pharrell remix of Pass the Courvosier was sampled before Clint Eastwood live:


Allow me to showcase some of the amazing art I’ve seen this week:

GEYM x Gfoot

A long time ago, it was announced that way-too-expensive-clothing-brand GEYM (Go East Young Man) was teaming up with Gfoot to make some designer Phase 4 clothing. The clothing was modeled to look like this:

For a while, people thought this collab died out, until a fan found that the clothing still exists – discounted, yet still expensive – on French designer outlet, L’Exception.

Being a Gorillaz fan is expensive.

The Demon Lamp is 10

Talking about Gorillaz being expensive, the Demon Lamp has now been around for 10 years! And it’s still selling! Many fans have been asking me where to buy one of these babies. They’re still available online at demonlamp.com. The shipping is unfortunately expensive though, since it comes from the UK.

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