Gorillaz News: Sunday, November 24, 2019

New this week:

Gorillaz: Reject False Icons

The long-awaited news about Denhom Hewlett’s Gorillaz documentary has come! At 11 am EST on Thursday, the poster dropped:

The film will be shown WORLDWIDE for one day only – Monday, December 16th. The exact locations of the showings have not been completely determined yet, but the film could be shown in up to 600 cinemas, in over 20 countries around the world. On reddit, u/damonunofficial posted a short list of locations where the film will be. Some fans are even having luck finding tickets on individual theaters’ websites.

In the meantime, fans can enter their contact information at rejectfalseicons.com for more news about showings as it comes. Tickets officially go on sale November 27, 2019!

The distribution company, Trafalgar Releasing, has been releasing and promoting band documentaries in select theaters for some time, with artists like Coldplay, Bowie, and Depeche Mode in their resume. If a theatre near you has had one of these Trafalgar releases in the past, it’s probable that Gorillaz: Reject False Icons will be there too.

The documentary has also already been promoted via Consequence of Sound, NME, and Pitchfork!

I know Denholm put his heart and soul into this documentary, artistically capturing the essence of the Humanz and TNN tours. I CANNOT wait to see this up on the big screen!

Dia de los Gorillaz Animatic

Here’s some more behind-the-scenes footage from the Day of the Dead video by Zombie Studios:

I’m 2D, Won’t You Buy Me?

Although marketed as extremely limited, it seems like the 2D figures from Superplastic are back up for preorder again, with a shipment date of February 2020:

The first round sold out on Monday, 11/18. Folks in the U.S. are now starting to receive their figures, and they look stunning. Check out Redditor u/SoJew76’s:

JPEGMAFIA Meets Gorillaz

Apparently JPEG “met” Gorillaz this year, according to a recent tweet:

In January 2019, it had come out that Flume was collaborating with Damon Albarn — whether it was for a Gorillaz track, we still have yet to know. After JPEG’s tweet, fans have been speculating that perhaps JPEG did a collaboration with Damon or Gorillaz, too. Or, perhaps it was actually just a meeting. Apparently Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino have also just met Gorillaz (source: GorillazTriva). Now THOSE are some collabs I’d be interested in hearing!!

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